David Lemieux returns to ring in Vegas

It isn’t so much that David Lemieux is spooky by his one late error. Rather, in any event for the present, he should live with the feedback over neglecting to make weight for his last planned battle. What’s more, that won’t change until he demonstrates he can make the 160-pound middleweight limit on a predictable premise.

David Lemieux returns to ring in Vegas

“After this battle, I don’t feel that will be the primary point or an issue. They’re going to have distinctive things to consider and dreams to take a gander at. It won’t be a weight issue any longer,” a rebellious Lemieux told the Montreal Gazette in a phone meeting from Las Vegas. “Whoever needs to discuss the weight can discuss it, however it’s immaterial later on.

“That is not an issue. It’s been discussed again and again. Individuals don’t get it. They can take it the way they need. I’m going to make 160 and that is it. The little changes have been made.”

Laval’s Lemieux, 34-3 with 31 knockouts, is get ready for a 10-round standoff Saturday night against New Jersey’s Glen Tapia (23-2, 15 KOs) at the T-Mobile Arena. The session’s on the undercard of the 12-round headliner between middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan.

It denote Lemieux’s arrival to the ring subsequent to losing his International Boxing Federation title to Gennady Golovkin last October at Madison Square Garden, the middleweight titles brought together that night. Lemieux was halted in the eighth round of an uneven battle — the Quebecer having lost each round on every one of the three judges’ scorecards.

Lemieux was booked to return March 12 in Montreal against James De La Rosa, yet neglected to make weight. The American declined to battle and the headliner was crossed out. That never looks great on a boxer’s resumé.

“There’s no disgrace in losing to Golovkin. In any case, with the components that happened recently, he needs to get back with a win. With a major win,” said Camille Estephan, Lemieux’s supervisor. “Without a doubt, there were inquiries. Individuals question when they see that kind of thing. It was the headliner. The other person didn’t battle. It added to the reality and seriousness of the feedback.

“We’re getting a major open door — to be on the enormous stage in a major appear. He needs to get it.”

Not just is Lemieux, 27, battling in Las Vegas without precedent for his vocation, there have been bits of gossip that a noteworthy execution against Tapia could prompt an inevitable confrontation against Alvarez, who’s relied upon to annihilation Khan.

What’s more, Tapia gives off an impression of being perfectly customized for Lemieux. The American, 26, hasn’t been in the ring in a year, since anguish an annoyed fourth-round specialized knockout misfortune against Michel Soro. That session ended up being the climax of Tapia’s relationship with Bob Arum’s Top Rank special firm.

Tapia was attempting to make the 154-pound super-welterweight limit. He has chosen his future lies in the middleweight division. Likewise, Tapia is a forceful contender who approaches. Protection, to him, regularly is optional. He could stroll into a knockout thrashing despite the fact that his mentor, Freddie Roach, needs him to box and not endeavor to exchange punches with Lemieux.

“I simply need to give the fans the best of me. I don’t need to thump him out or anything,” Lemieux demanded. “I’m not agonized over my energy. I will look amazing. I’m not stressed over that.

“I’m certain Tapia knows the level of significance for this battle. I’m hoping to get the best against me. He was kicking the bucket to make 154. His weight’s 160. I’m simply going to be me,” Lemieux included. “Individuals will like me or individuals won’t care for me.”

Amid the say something Friday, Lemieux tipped the scales at 160 pounds, while Tapia was 159.4,

Since the De La Rosa disaster, Lemieux has changed his dietary propensities. Likewise, a framework was concocted in which he needed to meet semi-week by week weight targets. It surely didn’t hurt to have two preparing camps in progression. Lemieux was planning for De La Rosa and, not long after, the Tapia battle was declared.

Lemieux won the empty title last June against Hassan N’Dam, thumping his adversary down five times, however was not able convey the last salvo and settled for a consistent choice. Rather than draining the title with some simple paydays against overmatched adversaries, Lemieux chose to instantly confront Golovkin, seemingly showing misguided thinking all the while.

Lemieux had issues with separation against Golovkin, so it’s not astonishing his mentor, Marc Ramsay, has dealt with controlling that viewpoint better while attempting to overwhelm with the poke.

“Tapia’s a decent boxer. He’s forceful and likes to battle. He goes into all out attack mode and tries to battle like a kamikaze. His shortcomings are on safeguard. He has a considerable measure of heart, yet when you battle like this with Lemieux, it’s a danger,” Ramsay said. “It’s 12 battles of three minutes. I would prefer not to take a gander at it as far as a knockout. In the event that the open door happens, I know David will bounce on it. Be that as it may, I need to see better specialized control from David.”

Lemieux was a bloodied mess when Golovkin worked him over — and he was thumped down once, in spite of the fact that he kept up the session was ceased rashly. In any case, Ramsay demanded no scars stay from the session.

“With the mental profile of David, I’m not anxious by any means,” Ramsay said. “He’s not the sort of child that truly over-dissects what happened. He knows. What’s more, he comprehends what we have to deal with.”

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