Facebooks Express WiFi offers internet service

Facebook is immersed in the ISP business with Express Wi-Fi. This application allows users from developing countries to buy data packages that can be used at access points. The application is currently in use in five developing countries. The hotspots themselves are managed by local business owners and Facebook hopes it can provide an alternative to the slow data plans offered by mobile operators.

Express Wi-Fi is not completely new, but Facebook Play Store offers some important improvements over the first version. For starters, it is available in the Play Store, making it much easier to find. In addition, users no longer need to reconfigure their phones. The Play Store app also gives users the ability to find multiple access points nearby.

“Facebook will introduce the Express Wi-Fi application to the Google Play Store to give users another easy and secure way to get to the Internet quickly and cost-effectively via their local Wi-Fi Express access points,” said one representative , from Facebook to Tech Crunch.

Facebook has tried something like this in the past with Free Basics, but this option has been widely ridiculed as it offered only a handful of Facebook-approved services, rather than real internet access.

The application marks a major impetus to expand the Facebook market in developing countries, where the lack of quality on the Internet can make social networks difficult or even impossible. The move comes at a time when Facebook is almost ubiquitous in industrialized countries, although there are signs that it may ease a bit. In the fourth quarter, Facebook saw a decline in the US user base. UU And Canada in 700,000. This was partly due to changes in the news offering that did not highlight viral videos that much.

To stay, the company needs to find new members and the developed world can be almost exhausted. This is also the reason why Facebook has launched a number of initiatives to provide affordable Internet access for developing countries.

In addition to Express Wi-Fi, they are working on the development of solar drones that can offer people Internet services. Although the company has humanitarian goals in mind with these efforts, it is also an investment in the future of Facebook. The first step in getting people on Facebook is to put them online.

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