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Swaarangi is a Pakistani crime drama film directed by way of Phidahussain and produced by way of mazhar Abba. He movie stars resham, ayubkhoso, naveedakbar, waseemmanzoor, hamzamushtaq and shahzaibjohar in lead roles.After a smash of eight years, veteran Lollywood actress Resham has again risen to make a comeback movie wherein is decisive, based totally at the fact-movie Swaarangi – The Melting Embers.WithPhidaHussain as the author / director and Mazhar Abbas as the producer, the cast consists of greater than ReshamAyubKhosa, Naveed Akbar, ManzoorWaseem, ZulfiqarGullshahi, AftabNisar, HamzaMushtaq, ShahzaibJohar.swaarangi movie trailer.


Placed inside the dusty outskirts and rural regions of the rustic city of Mianwali, the economic ventureSwaarangi exposes the way wherein the trouble of poverty and vile dependancy destroys houses and tears households aside.“It isn’t only an character who is affected, along with his family and friends, the tale is regularly occurring,” says the director Mazhar Abbas, in an interview with explicit Tribune.swaarangi movie trailer.Resham, worn in a very new avatar, performs the function of a mother who strugglesSaima, married to Jamal heroin addict performed with the aid of Naveed Akbar.swaarangimovie trailer.

Launch Date

December 11, 2015







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